Yesterday with help from the fairies I  mulched the paths through the Garden of Earthly Delights with straw.

Fairy Dog asleep (1)








This morning as I wandered about I spied a little fairy dog slumbering beneath the Pocahontas Lilac bush.

Fairy Dog asleep (3)








I did not recognize this little fairy dog and did not want to disturb her. However I was rather curious to know from where she had traveled, as the sound of her breathing suggested she had flown far.

Fairy Dog asleep (2)








Sensing my watchfulness the little fairy dog awoke with a sigh.

She said her name was Luna and that she had flown all the way to Maine from Puerto Rico with a gentle blowing, steady wind.

In Puerto Rico she is called a Perro Hadas (Dog Fairy) .

Luna had heard other Perro Hadas had flown to Maine before her in search of new experiences and adventures, wanting to broaden their views.

Luna decided to catch the next wind and venture out into the world and see what she could see for herself, arriving at our farm here in Maine just past midnight.

Fairy Dog asleep (4)










Luna and I made friends quickly and I gave her a teeny tiny collar with her very own teeny tiny tag so she would forever feel welcome and part of our Home Place Fairy family at the farm.

Little Luna Fairy Dog click to see a teeny tiny video of Luna the Fairy Dog