Dreaming of Spring

              Here Ye, Hear Ye… Spring is right around the corner!             The back meadow at my farm is visited daily by a flock of Robins as well as a gathering of Blue Jays. How lovely the air smells,¬†how soft the ground once hard […]

Magic of Snow

The Magic of a Soft Winter’s Snow.               My Garden’s gone quiet beneath the snow, quiet and resting.                          

Jack Frost

  Our vintage 120 year old glass greenhouse has become a magnificent backdrop for a talented artist.               A playful prankster who finds great fun in nipping noses, ears and fingers as well as an enormous amount of satisfaction and delight in painting ice patterns on lucky window panes. […]

Maine Garden Magic and Fairies


Where Do Fairies Go When It Snows?

Children have been asking this question for generations. A wonderful book of poems called “Beyond The Mountain” by Sarah Stokes Halkett published in 1917 asks this same question.                   Here in Maine on the north side of a small mountain I am Seamstress to a troop of […]

Happy New Year

  Happy New Year From the Fairies!               May it be Gentle and Kind.                            



A Home Place Fairies Tale: Old Horse and The Wand Makers

Somewhere far away in New England on the north side of a mountain in a village of hope, a small troop of Home Place Fairies gather together in the deepest hours of twilight. On this evening each year they have the ability to shape shift, increasing their size to that of mortal children. In order […]

Fairies Everywhere and Always

While out wandering one fine day I met a little Green Fairy dancing all alone in the forest.                   Upon seeing me the little fairy politely bowed, curtsied, giggled and twirled.                   As I stepped closer she paused and […]

Little Bit of Summer in the Pit House

Attached to our barn we have a pit greenhouse.                   Our so called Pit House is a greenhouse buried 8 feet deep into the earth with a southern facing glass roof.         A wonderful haven where magic happens all year long.       […]