On the north side of a small mountain in Maine the wild blueberry season is drawing to a close.


Blueberry harvest








The harvesters have raked the fields removing all of the blue for human consumption and few berries remain.

Out of their chambers










Every evening during berry season the Home Place Fairies come out of the Enchanted Forest scattering fairy dust helping to nourish and sweeten the berries.

Blueberry Fairy Pickers (1)








Under cover of twilight by no mortal are they seen.

Blueberry Fairy Pickers (4)










Busy with their chores they remain playful and always take time out to enjoy a blueberry or two.

Blueberry Fairy Pickers (5)








As the morning sun begins to rise the fairies head back to the Enchanted Forest, confident that due to their efforts the fields will continue to grow lush with a ripe and bountiful harvest.

Blueberry Fairy Pickers (6)










By the time mortals awaken the Fairies will be long gone.

Blueberry Fairy Pickers (2)








All that will remain of their twilight labors will be a sparkle or two.

Blueberry Fairy Pickers (3)