Little Grape Fairy (1)








This time of year the gardens are abundant with food crops to harvest here at the farm.

The Concord Grapes are ready, recently sweetened by both the sun and the fairy folk.

Little Grape Fairy (2)










Fairies as you probably already know, are shy folk, and not often spotted in theĀ  gardens they tend. It takes an observant eye and a lot of patience if you want to spot the Fae.

It is believed by some that every human child that believes in the Fae has a kindred fairy reflection, an actual fairy that resembles them in appearance and in heart.

Do you wonder if that’s true?

Little Grape Fairy (3)










Tatiana is the Grape Fairy here at Home Place Farm, her mission is to sweeten all of our grape vines with Fairy Dust. In the process the green grapes over time ripen to purple and become oh, so sweet!

Little Grape Fairy (4)










Tatiana takes her job seriously and enjoys it immensely, especially when we humans come and harvest these grapes, savoring their fairy sweet goodness with each and every bite.


Fairy Fine Grape Arbor





So next time you are out in your garden take a moment to pause and look about, there ARE Fairy Folk about, it just takes a wanting eye and open heart to see the beauty they instill all around you.

Remember there magic is in every garden, all one has to do is look.