January can be illuminating, it’s the beginning of a brand new year.








Arctic Hardy Kiwi vines lay resting beneath a light cover of snow, little promises of what’s yet to be.








Our glass green house is filled with pots of dormant perennials sleeping and Gnomes from the Knoll have come and lit tiny little lanterns on Lady Grand, our generous Wolf River Apple Tree.










The Fairy Wardrobe Chamber is quietly awaiting the return of springtime children and fairy folk too.








Inside a tiny bit of fairy dust sparkles,  what’s left from the last visiting Fae. Just a pinch of fairy dust is all it takes to keep the magic alive.










At the edge of The Enchanted Forest a small child peeks in, a believer of possibilities, she is enchanted by a magical light.

The Fairies rejoice knowing one True Believer is all it takes to keep their Magic and all of Fairyland alive forever and ever more.

All is as it should be.