Once a long, long time ago

I knew a little girl

who lived in a little house

in a little wood.

Long Time Ago a little house in the woods










The little girl lived with a fairy horse and two tame wolf dogs deep within an enchanted forest in a clearing by a stream.

Kate the wolf dog1987 age 7a








Each day the little girl would walk with the animals through the forest learning from nature.









As the years passed the little girl learned how to listen to all of the inhabitants of the forest and in time she spoke their languages.

long time ago (3)










By listening and looking closely the little girl discovered the diversity of other beings and how integral those differences are to the well being of all.

long time ago (2)










As the little girl grew she witnessed the brotherhood of every living thing.



integral:      essential

essential:    absolutely necessary

diversity:   of many different elements or types

brotherhood:  a feeling of closeness that exists between a group which chooses to live or work together