August is a month of great beauty in my garden.

8 11 14 just before dusk (3)










Here are some images taken right before dusk, a time when birds nest in for the evening; when butterflies stop fluttering and our honeybees have returned to their hives

8 11 14 just before dusk (4)










During the quiet morning hours, or right before dusk, I like to sit or meander about in my garden, soaking in the sounds and natural beauty abundant all around me. 

8 11 14 just before dusk (5)








When darkness falls the fairies are snug and cozy in their chambers relaxing after their busy day spent tending vegetables, flowers, herbs and seeds. 

8 11 14 just before dusk (7)










Come twilight they will sing and dance among the flowers with the wildlings, not to work but to play.

8 11 14 just before dusk (6)










Every garden is a paradise, a source of beauty, harvest and inspiration.

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Where gardens grow fairies reside.