Each morning ¬†at sunrise I wander through the Children’s Garden of Earthly Delight to see what the fairies are up to.

Morning in May (3)







Day break is a magical hour; this is when the Home Place Fairy Folk leave their secret chambers hidden deep within the Enchanted Forest and fly into our gardens sprinkling fairy dust.

Morning in May (2)










This morning I came upon a bed of broad leaf and common chives whose buds the fairies were dusting. Not wanting to disturb them I nodded in greeting and continued on my way wondering what I would discover in the garden on this particular day.

Morning in May (5)








I decided to pay a visit to my friend Ms. Sparrow who recently constructed a tidy little ground nest hidden beneath a clump of Witch Grass. Sparrow had quickly filled her nest with 5 tiny speckled eggs which hatched during my last visit.

Morning in May (6)










Each and every morning considerate Fairies have been sprinkling the hatch-lings with fairy dust for protection. This is how the hatch-lings looked just 4 days ago.

Morning in May (7)










And this is how they looked this morning. I cannot help but feel a bit of wonder and awe at how these fledglings have transformed. They are now all feathered and grown almost double in size.

Isn’t it marvelous the magic of nature?

A garden no matter how small if full of secrets, all one has to do is look.

Morning in May (4)