Summer Folk, Fairy Folk

Fairy Folk are clever and spry.

summer possibilities










They are ageless, helpful, resourceful and can be mischievous too.

Fairy Folk have been around since the beginnings of Time.

Summer is when they reign in all their glory.

Midnight Fae










So take note some full moon summer’s eve, perhaps what you perceive as some tiny little firefly is actually a wee small fairy out dancing in the moonlight.

Full Moon Blue















The Magic of Believing











The Fairies hope you will come to our show at The Bangor Public Library June through July.

There will be an opening reception June 2nd 4-5 pm.

20 % of all proceeds from The Magic of Believing will go to The Bangor Public Library and 40% will go to The Landing Place Youth Center in Rockland Maine.

Have a Fairy Merry Day, hope to see you!












Tiny G

Tiny Wonderful

Early this morning I heard a soft tapping at my door, and whom should I find there greeting me? Why Tiny G, the smallest of the Home Place Fairy Folk. As is the custom each and every spring Tiny G hand delivers my invitation to The Grand Fairy Spring Ball. Fairy balls are grand occasions with much planning and preparation begun months beforehand. As Seamstress to the Fairies I am responsible for designing and stitching together a vast array of elaborate fairy wear.

Home Place Fae (3) 

Little G is responsible for delivering all the invitations to the Grand Fairy Spring Ball and she takes her mission seriously, checking her list several times over.

Home Place Fae (1)

Afterwards I invite G into my kitchen for a sip of honey and blueberry nectar tea.



So Much for You to See

In a Garden Magic Happens each and every day.






Some things are more visible than others, and it can take a keen and discerning eye to see the smallest of the small.










The closer you look, the more you will see.







There are fairies in my gardens and I am guessing in yours too.










Sometimes we don’t always recognize the most magical beings around us, nor see them fully for who they are.










Fairies are Pranksters and love to play games, like hide and never be seen.










Take a good look around your own garden,







Be curious and venture out.






There is so much for you to see.








Magic really does happen, all one has to do is look.









One Morning in May

The Children’s Garden of Earthly delights one morning in May.

A Morning in May








Our lovely Wolf River Apple tree in full bloom by the Fairy Greenhouse at the farm.

Wolf River apple tree full bloom



















Apple Blossom Daze

Apple Blossom Daze








The old orchard at the farm where the ancient Wolf River apple trees grow.












Greenhouse in the orchard alight with fairy dust.


The thing about dreams is











They color your life with hope and possibilities.

Live your own Great Story










Dreams are transformative, offering comfort, and encouragement.

Little Wonders







Be a wanderer…

a wonderer… a curious seeker of truth,

look real close (2)








a courageous spirit

who is endlessly inspired.

Little fairy with her red boots on.
















Seamstress to The Fairies

As Seamstress to the Fairies I dress fairy folk…. this is what I do.

seamstress to the fairies (5)








Since early spring fairies of all shapes and sizes have been tapping at my door.


The fairies come from near and far








They arrive for their final fittings of fairy clothing I have been sewing for them over the long cold months of winter.

Fitting for Fairy Dresses








I am pleased to be adding the finishing touches for outfits they will wear while attending their annual Grand Fairy Spring Ball.

Seamstress to The Fairy Folk










Fairies shape shift to the size of mortal children when they come to me for their fittings. This way I am able to comfortably sew their clothing to fit their bodies perfectly.

seamstress to the fairies (2)










After their garments are adjusted and sewn , I sprinkle them with fairy dust and hang them from a chandelier made from antlers of stag.

A fairy fine dress for the Ball.










Last they are set in the twilight beneath the light of springtime’s first new moon. This increases their magical powers ten fold.

Home Place Fairy Dress









Another small bit of fairy dust is all that is required to reduce their clothing to wee fairy size.

signs of the fae (9)










Fairy dust is very magical,  it allows fairy clothing to fluctuate in size just as the fairy folk do when they shape shift.

Just a wee pinch of fairy dust is all it takes!

seamstress to the fairies (1)










Home Place Fairy Folk love all that glimmers and glows and have a deep affection for jewelry.

Fairies collect jewelry left for them by human children or that which is made especially for them by the Trolls from the Knoll.

grand fairy spring ball








Did you know that somewhere right about now a Home Place Fairy is trying on an outfit for The Annual Grand Fairy Spring Ball?

to the fairy ball










This is a fabulous occasion attended by all members of the Fairy Realm and is held each and every year in a secret location by invitation only.

A Grand Fairy Ball








Meanwhile back in the Fairy Wardrobe Chamber at my farm… human children try on an assortment f magical clothing.











You are as “magical” as your imagine yourself to be.

7 7 choices








I must confess, I have been known to sing and dance with the Fairies in May!

Seamstress to the Fairies
















A Home Place Fairy Tale

Nina Enchanted

Nina enchanted (1)










Little Nina was in a predicament, she did not know what to do. All the other fairies were leaving the forest and heading as they always did towards the bright sunlight of their well tended gardens.

Nina enchanted (2)








As much as I enjoy tending these beautiful gardens day after day, I would like one morning where things were, well, different”, thought Nina. When suddenly one little fairy departed from the group and veered left instead of right, heading down a path Nina had not noticed before. Far in the distance a tiny beacon glowed. Nina could not decide what to do, as she had always followed the rest of the troop, never once had she ventured off alone. Suddenly very curious, Nina wondered how different her day might be if she too were to travel down this new path instead.

Nina enchanted (3)










After much contemplation Nina adventurously set out alone. Instead of turning right like the fairies have always done, she turned left, stepping onto a path much less traveled. Nina walked for what seemed like a very long time, going deeper into the forest, further than she had ever gone before. The trees seemed much taller here and it was darker; less sunlight and lots of toadstools, but Nina was not scared. After a while she found herself in a small clearing, the fairy she had been following was nowhere to be seen. Surrounding her were common woodland ferns and mosses, lichen and assorted mushrooms all muted in pale greens and grays; lots of shadowy places, not the brilliant colors of the gardens she generally tended. “Why this is not so special”, she thought, wishing she had taken the path to the gardens instead. Disappointed, she turned back toward where she had come from, when she noticed a tiny flickering orb of light.

Nina enchanted (4)










Nina gazed at the bright little orb in wonder and the little light politely asked that she step closer, and so she did.

Nina enchanted (5)










The little orb said, “Look deeper Nina, not a me, but at what lays before you.” And so Nina did look around herself into what she had thought was just an ordinary wooded glen.

Nina enchanted (7)










And what she saw was very beautiful. While Nina had thought she was surrounded by common woodland ferns and mosses, upon closer inspection she discovered that they weren’t so common after all. They were extraordinary and tucked in among them were hundreds of tiny flowers of a soft blue hue, the likes of which Nina had never seen before. These flowers whispered softly to her,”Please take us with you so we may cast our seeds far and wide.”

Nina enchanted (8)










Nina gathered these little blue flowers together, wrapping them with tender ferns and soft spongy mosses. As she did this the little flowers began to shimmer with happiness and the dark woodland glen became illuminated with a soft golden glow, a radiant light, created by the joy of flowers who have waited so long to be seen.

Nina enchanted (9)










Nina hurried back to the garden of sunlight, eager to share her adventure with the fairy folk and as she left that secret hidden woodland glen, the little blue flowers whispered “forget me not, forget me not”.


Little Blue Fae










The Fairies have arrived….and winter’s pale palette returns to color.





Welcome Fairies…one and all!

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